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How Does It Work?

Your Generac generator is installed right outside your house, usually near the air conditioner. A disconnect panel is also mounted according to electrical code. The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is mounted next to your existing electrical panel. The ATS is always actively monitoring your power status. If your power fails, it signals the generator to start. Within 90 seconds, your generator is up to speed, and your ATS switches over to Generator Power. To prevent injury, the ATS automatically prevents back feed into the electrical grid that has failed.

Generator Power - How Does It Works

When power has been returned, the ATS senses that stability in power has been restored, and seamlessly switches back to your regular electric service. Your generator will then begin warm-down, and shut off. It will remain in active monitoring status until the next time your regular electrical service fails.

Generac generators also run a weekly maintenance cycle at a time you specify. Your investment will keep itself in shape so it will be ready when you need it most. What about oil, fuel, and batteries? Your generator is just as easy, if not easier to maintain than your family car. The generator has front and side panels that come right off with a key, and everything you need to access is made easily available to you. The generator runs off of your natural gas line or propane tank, so you won’t have to worry about refueling. The battery automatically charges itself whenever the generator is running, including during maintenance cycles. The only thing you have to worry about is changing the oil, and that’s more simple and more easily accessible than most vehicles.

Tishhouse Electric is devoted to giving you reliable backup energy. Generac generators are able to provide that to you at a very reasonable cost. We sell generators to fit a whole variety of needs, from small, one bedroom houses to hospitals, gas stations, and other industrial and commercial applications. We have a wide selection of generators available to you to be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Stand up to unpredictable weather and unforeseen outages with the most trusted name in residential standby power. When the power goes out, your Generac standby generator goes on - automatically - protecting you and your home 24/7.

KW to Watts Conversion Chart
  • Kw = 1000 watts
  • 7 kw generator = 7,000 watts
  • 10kw generator = 10,000 watts
  • Amps = watts/volts
  • Output for generator and cmp = 240 volts
  • 7kw generator puts out 29.1 amps
  • 7000watts/240 volts = 29.1 amps
  • 10kw generator puts out 41.67 amps
  • 10,000 watts/240 volts = 41.67 amps
  • 12 kw generator puts out 50 amps
  • 12,000 watts/240 volts = 50 amps
  • Typical house without 220 appliances uses about 19-20 amps on each leg
  • Dryer = approx 22 amps
  • Electric range approx 40 amps
  • Electric hot water tank = approx 19 amps
  • Deep well water pump = approx 9 amps, with three times at start or up to 27 amps
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